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I have this urls


but, with this in some case new is catched as a post id,

what is a correct url names ?


When I use HttpResponseRedirect('/post/new') is catched as id

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I'd need to see your urls.py file to be sure, but I'd imagine the regex you're using to pickup the post id is too loose and is picking up alphabetical characters as well.

The following urls should work:

url(r'^/post/new$', new_post_view)
url(r'^/post/(?P<post_id>[0-9]+)$', post_view)
url(r'^/post/(?P<post_id>[0-9]+)/edit$', edit_post_view)

If that doesn't solve your issue post your urlconf and I'll take another look.

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I have some similar, but when I use HttpResponseRedirect('/post/new') is catched as id –  JuanPablo Oct 3 '12 at 2:36
You'll need to post the relevant urls from your urls.py file for me to be able to help any further, I haven't enough information to give you a complete answer without seeing it. –  Jordan Hagan Oct 3 '12 at 18:54

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