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I'm having this problem where in trying to grep something on an html page (specifically a user name) I try to retrieve the string by saying:

egrep -o dir\=\"[ltr]*\"\>.*(\<\/span|\<\/a)

By this I am trying to say: "get anything after dir=("ltr or rlt")> and before the first </a> or </span> closing tag.

so for example:




There are however multiple span tags on one line, and it is not stopping after the first one, which results in data that I don't want.

Is there a way to modify my current regex to stop after the first one? And why does it even continue reading?


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see also stackoverflow.com/questions/22221277/… – cp.engr Feb 3 at 22:44
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You need to make the .* non-greedy by adding a ? to it.

egrep -o dir\=\"[ltr]*\"\>.*?(\<\/span|\<\/a)

A better solution is this (in raw regex, you will need to escape it):


Capture group 1 ($1) will contain what is between it, and capture group 2 ($2) will contain if its a span or a link termination.

See it in action: http://regexr.com?32b8k

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I would use GNU sed to do this:

sed -r 's/(dir="ltr"|dir="rtl")>([^<]+)(<\/span>|<\/a>).*/\2/' file.txt

You can make the regex a bit more clever and easier to read with some simplification:

sed -r 's/dir="(ltr|rtl)">([^<]+)<\/(span|a)>.*/\2/' file.txt
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