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I'm trying to parse some HTML using the HTML Agility Pack. The following code snippet selects the table element containing the information I need but I need to dig deeper into the table.

Once I have the InnerHtml of the table, I plan to look for a <td> with an innertext value of "Field #2", for example. But, then, I need to select the innertext of the NEXT <td>. I need the value 110, in this example. How do I do that?

foreach (var x in doc.DocumentNode.SelectNodes("//table[contains(@class,'data')]"))
     // psuedo code - search for td and use "contains" on the inner text / html.
     // Then, grab the next td inner html.


    <td width="158"><strong>Field #1:</strong></td>
    <td  width="99">1</td>
    <td  width="119"><strong>Field #2:</strong></td>
    <td  width="176">110</td>
    <td width="158"><strong>Field #3:</strong></td>
    <td  width="99">85</td>
    <td  width="119"><strong>Field #4:</strong></td>
    <td  width="176">-259.34</td>
    <td width="158"><strong>Field #5:</strong></td>
    <td  width="99">1</td>
    <td  width="119"><strong>Field #6:</strong></td>
    <td  width="176">110</td>
    <td width="158"><strong>Field #7:</strong></td>
    <td  width="99">12</td>
    <td  width="119"><strong>Field #8:</strong></td>
    <td  width="176">123.23</td>
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This piece of code will return you desired td row.

//<td  width="176">110</td>
var td = x.SelectNodes("//td").SkipWhile(g => !g.InnerText.Contains("Field #2:")).Select(s => s).Skip(1).FirstOrDefault(); 
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Not sure the agility pack supports it, but in XPath you can query for the next sibling by using /following-sibling:

    "//table[contains(@class,'data')]/tr/" +
       "td[/strong/text()='Field #2:']" + 

essentially - find all of the td nodes with the given text, and give me it's next sibling td node.

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almost correct, there needs to be a '.' before the '/strong/' and after 'following-sibling' there have to be two ':'. Then it works just fine. – shriek Oct 3 '12 at 13:11

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