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I have this query:

SELECT g.title, g.asin, g.platform_id, r.rank
    	FROM games g
    	INNER JOIN ranks r ON ( = r.game_id )
    	ORDER BY r.rank DESC
    	LIMIT 5`

Now, this is my JOIN using Zend_Db_Select but it gives me array error

$query = $this->select();
    	$query->from(array('g' => 'games'), array());
    	$query->join(array('r' => 'ranks'), ' = r.game_id', array('g.title', 'g.asin', 'g.platform_id', 'r.rank'));
    	$query->order('r.rank DESC');
    	$resultRows = $this->fetchAll($query);
    	return $resultRows;

Anyone know what I could be doing wrong? I want to get all the columns in 'games' to show and the 'rank' column in the ranks table.

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What's the actual error text? – Stanislav Palatnik Aug 19 '09 at 20:39
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I am going to assume you've solved this, but it would be nice to leave the answer for others.

Add this below the instantiation of the select object.

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Here is the rationale.… – Elzo Valugi Jan 14 '11 at 14:40

You could also type fewer characters....

$query = $this->select()
              ->from(array('g' => 'games'), array('title', 'asin', 'platform_id'))
              ->join(array('r' => 'ranks'), ' = r.game_id', array('rank'))
              ->order('r.rank DESC')
return $this->fetchAll($query);

Good luck!

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Thanks for this. This was a great help in solving problem with same column names in joined tables. – Azizur Aug 15 '11 at 16:17

Here's how I'd write it:

$query = $this->select();
$query->from(array('g' => 'games'), array('title', 'asin', 'platform_id'));
$query->join(array('r' => 'ranks'), ' = r.game_id', array('rank'));
$query->order('r.rank DESC');
$resultRows = $this->fetchAll($query);
return $resultRows;
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Other example:

select n.content,, u.mail 
from notes n, users u
where and reminder=current_date

$query = $this->select()
      array('content', 'date'))
    ->join(array('u'=>'users'), ' and n.reminder=current_date',
return $this->fetchAll($query);

That's work fine :)

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