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I was having an issue where pressing F5 when an item was highlighted in Object Explorer would launch Debug rather than refreshing the child elements of the object highlighted. I was able to make it so that F5 no longer launches Debug mode, but I am unable to find the command to bind to F5 to have Object Explorer refresh the child elements of the node. Does anyone know how I can go about doing this? I would appreciate any advice that anyone can provide.

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I figured it out.

The command to bind F5 to is View.Refresh. The area of the software should be "Global".

Alternatively, resetting the keyboard shortcuts to the default worked for me.

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+1: The reset tip worked for me. I'd never altered my shortcuts, so I wasn't aware that they weren't the default. – Douglas Feb 18 at 12:01
Same issue although I have SQL Search and SSMSBoost installed. Could be the reason. – Martin Capodici Feb 28 at 22:05

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