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I'm working on a project which will require some form validation, which I'm using jquery for. There's a field where a user will enter their email, and once they have filled out that field I want to check it.

Currently, the first part of my JavaScript looks like this:

    var email = $("#registerEmail");
    email.blur(alert("stuff")); //will call a validation function

Right now, I get the "stuff" alert as soon as the page loads. My understanding was that blur would only fire once an element gained focus and then lost it -- am I misunderstanding this? Shouldn't this alert only execute once a user clicks or types in the email form and then clicks or types somewhere else, rather than immediately when the page loads?

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You are actually executing the alert function when you do it that way. You need to provide a function that can be called later. Do

email.blur(function () {
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Thanks! I thought I had tried something like this before, but I must have been doing something else wrong... – user1715969 Oct 7 '12 at 14:48
            //your alert here

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