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i create a cookies as

setcookie('sm_posts['.$key.']', 'value', time()+60*60*24*365); 

for an array sm_posts and print these cookies in a wordpress page but if i click on a cross image then it will be delete but it is not working

foreach($_COOKIE["sm_posts"] as $key => $value)      
    setcookie('sm_posts['.$key.']', '', time()-60*60*24*365);           

please help

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Try specifying the path as the next parameter.

setcookie('sm_posts['.$key.']', '', time()-60*60*24*365, '/');

Do this for BOTH cookie settings statements (and manually delete all your existing cookies).

But a better solution is to use the WordPress defines for this, COOKIEPATH and COOKIE_DOMAIN.

setcookie('sm_posts['.$key.']', '', time()-60*60*24*365, COOKIEPATH, COOKIE_DOMAIN);

(Again, manually delete all the existing cookies)

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Try it this way

foreach($_COOKIE["sm_posts"] as $key => $value)
    setcookie ("sm_posts['".$key."']","", time()-60*60*24*365);

I think it because of your quotes

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i have try all of these but sill i am not reached to my aim.i want to delete all cookies. foreach($_COOKIE["sm_posts"] as $key => $value) { setcookie ("sm_posts['".$key."']","", time()-60*60*24*365); } –  dev Dec 19 '12 at 6:50

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