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I am using DNN 6.2 and trying to create a notification but do not understand the API very well as I am a novice.

the documentation suggests the following

  new List<RoleInfo>(), // Pass here the list of roles or null if the notification is going to be sent to individual users only.
  new List<UserInfo>(), // Pass here the list of users or null if the notification is going to be sent to roles only.
); // There is an overload that doesn't receive this parameter and uses Admin as sender.

I have a list already defined and populated with userIds

private List<string> listOfFriends = new List<string>();

So I though the following would work

NotificationsController.Instance.SendNotification(notification, PortalSettings.PortalId,"", listOfFriends);

But I am getting an error 'has some invalid arguments.

What am I doing wrong?

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Did you get this working?

I think this

NotificationsController.Instance.SendNotification(notification, PortalSettings.PortalId,"", listOfFriends);

should be

NotificationsController.Instance.SendNotification(notification, PortalSettings.PortalId, **null**, listOfFriends);
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