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I want know if its advisable to add Thesaurus to a Question Answering System? because if the user ask a question and one of the words is not present in the source of the Question Answering but there is a another term for that word.

QA means Question Answering.

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Could you please give more details about your QA system. Is there only a textbox where the user can aske a random question and your system should give him a response? –  Miloš Oct 3 '12 at 12:43
@Milos yes there is a textbox where the user can asked a random question and the system will give him a response. but the problem what if the user used words that the system cant comprehend because of lack of words of the system. –  Christian Eric Paran Oct 3 '12 at 12:56
what do you think about my answer? –  Miloš Oct 3 '12 at 14:36

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What i can suggest you - > two different approaches:

1 Limit the possibility for the user to ask only with words you defined in you system. For example:

You have 3 words in you system, name, age and notice. When the user tryes to write a, you will propose him the age, when he tryes to write n you will propose him name and notice. Etc...

2 When the user trys to find an answer, if the word typed by the user does't exist in your system, tell him that you don't have the answer for his question and that he should try again.

Of corse, your system will be more complicated as that but you can follow one of thsoe two approaches.

Personally, I think the second one is better. You can use for example Thesaurus as you suggested and then try to create your QA system as better as possible with many words.

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