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I'm well familiar with Bitmaps in android and their limitations when it comes to memory utilization for high res. images.

What I'm looking for is an alternative library (based on java/c, ported to android) that can do jpeg-to-jpeg conversions so that I can scale high res images e.g. 12MP to 8MP. Such things are not possible using Bitmaps.

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libvips could potentially be a good candidate as it is known to be the fastest image processing library tested and uses the smallest amount of memory and it open files in a smart way. That being said:

  • it does not provide a JNI wrapper out-of-the box - you should make sure the lib can be ported to Android and write your own wrapper,
  • you will have to include support for JPEG compression/decompression - I would say that libjpeg-turbo could be a good candidate as it clearly supports the ARM architecture and has been ported to Android

You could also check if libjpeg-turbo only is sufficient as it includes the ability to scale down images during decompression.

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I`ll try libjpeg, thanks –  Taranfx Oct 3 '12 at 9:50

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