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I'm kind of up in the air about how to handle a fairly simple problem in Rails. I need to record phone numbers for users, and I would like to add the ability for users to select one phone number as a primary contact number. I already have a PhoneNumber class (polymorphic, as businesses also have phone numbers), so that's all set up.

I figure that I can do this one of two ways:

  1. Set up an association where a user has_many phone numbers, and add a field to indicate whether or not that phone number is the primary number for that user.
  2. Set up a separate attribute for primary phone number (as user would have only one), and then have secondary phone numbers as as has_many association.

In either case, I will have to add some code to alter the properties of all of the associated phone numbers when a user designates a new one as primary. I'm just curious if more experienced users feel that there is clearly a best practice here.

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since the user may have many phone numbers, the has_many :phone_numbers association is the one i would use. – prasad.surase Oct 3 '12 at 5:30
Surase - I've played with it, and I like your implementation more. If you'd submit it as an answer, I'd happily select it. – Bryce Oct 5 '12 at 0:29

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since the user may have many phone numbers, the has_many :phone_numbers association is the one i would use. :)

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I would prefer to make two Models PrimaryNumber and SecondaryNumber. Relationship would be User has_one PrimaryNumber, User has_many (has_one depending upon how many number you would allow) SecondaryNumber. That way you can get

 user = User.find(key)

For sake of simplicity as there is only one Primary Number, you can have column in User table itself primary_number. Then, you won't need PrimaryNumber table/model

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