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I am facing an issue, when I do inject a nested view into my base view's constructor using @inject. I am not able to handle the nested view's events in it own presenter. Because of which I need to handle them in the Base View's presenter. I have 2 view and their respective presenter's : AppBaseView - AppBasePresenter; LoginView - LoginPresenter. I @inject LoginView into the AppBaseView. Now that I have to handle the Login Button event, I am not able to do so in the LoginPresenter, but need to handle it in the AppBasePresenter. No idea why does that happen. Am I missing anything? Any light on this issue would be higly appreciated.


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Can you provide any sample code? What is the error you are getting? – The Cat Oct 3 '12 at 14:45

If you are trying to inject the same view into multiple classes, remember that you have to mark it as @Singleton, or otherwise ensure that both classes receive the same instance. By default Guice and Gin create a brand new instance every time you inject a class. It's hard to tell from your description, but you might be adding an event listener to an instance that the presenter owns and then displaying a different instance in your application.

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