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  I want to optimize the Solr Server at a specific time(ex.midnight) on daily basis. Is there any way to schedule the optimization job in Solr?.. Is there any Quartz like scheduling API available in Solr?.

Thanks in advance.

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There is not anything built into Solr. But you can run an optimize on your index by issuing the following Curl statement:

 curl 'http://localhost:8983/solr/update?optimize=true&maxSegments=10&waitFlush=false'

Please be sure to change the Url and parameters as necessary for your environment. You can see more details on the options on the Solr Wiki - UpdateXMLMessage - commit & optimize page.

Then you can schedule this curl command to be called by various ways; for example a cron job or via Quartz.

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You can very easily modify URL in my DIH Scheduler, which is supposed to be included in Solr 4.1.

It basically allows Solr web app to spawn a separate thread (as the app is started on a server) that fires GET requests periodically, at specified intervals.

You can find the source on Google Code, here.

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