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What shortcut key combination can I use in Xcode to zoom in and out? Yes, I know this is a silly question but a Google search didn't give me any result. Even the Xcode keyboard shortcuts didn't give me much info. Maybe I must ask for a better updated keyboard shortcut doc for Xcode 4.5

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Try this

Zoom Out = Shift+command+Alt+{

Zoom In = Shift+command+Alt+}

This worked for me!

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This is just ridiculous. Standard zoom on any other app is command++/- which isn't used in Xcode. I swear, Apple wants to give me carpal tunnel. –  Jonny Ramos Sep 10 '14 at 17:55
If only there was some way to change it... Seriously, though, they're bound in the doc editor. But, it's pretty easy to change hotkeys. –  Masa Oct 25 '14 at 20:37
Doesn't work on the French keyboard. –  Kheldar Jun 8 at 12:17

You can also double click with mouse on empty area of storyboard. First time will zoom out, second time - zoom in. Sometimes it's easier than use difficult hotkey.

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You saved my fingers! –  AsTeR Dec 13 '14 at 15:16
right click with mouse on empty area brings further options! Thanks for letting me find "zoom" again. –  andreas-manusm Mar 6 at 10:32
This works for me :) –  Kheldar Jun 8 at 12:17

Just figured this out -.- Make sure you're using a story board. Then you can go to editor -> canvas -> zoom Shortcuts are alt, command { and alt, command }

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The accepted answer from Rohit works, but the menu option simply says Command+Alt+{ and Command+Alt+} on XCode 5, i.e. Alt is not necessary. Funny thing is other SO answers said zoom was NOT possible, maybe added in later Xcode 4x or 5?

Apple loves whitespace and wide margins, but if you have more than a few screens, zooming is absolutely essential even on 4k displays!

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