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I have a 42 inch multi-touch monitor with IR Input. I want to develop applications for multi-touch input and I have planned to go with android. Is there any way to get touch input? when we go with WPF, have to depend on a PC. Im really confused how to go through!! please help me out.Is standalone monitor possible in ANDROID?

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done............. –  ganesh m Oct 3 '12 at 7:15

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Generally it appears that the only option to get Android (at least under ICS) to include touch screen HID drivers is to recompile Android from source.

Here are some instructions for exactly the purpose you describe (they also require the PandaBoard single-board computer as an intermediary).

There's a guy on xda-developers who's trying to do this using the Android USB Host functionality and MHL only on a Samsung Galaxy S3, but there's no confirmation one way or the other that he ever got that working.

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