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I have a remote server. This code works when I'm directly on the server. (username / pass changed..). The URL is myuniversity.edu/myfolder

I think I want to change it to myuniversity.edu/foo/bar .. but that doesn't work. So how would I translate the name of the database? My research on google isn't turning up anything helpful. My specific folder shouldn't be a factor as many other students connect with the exact some code.

function dbConnect()
    $serverName = 'foo\bar';
    $uName = 'un';
    $pWord = '***';
    $db = 'RWS';

       //instantiate a PDO object and set connection properties

       $conn = new PDO("sqlsrv:Server=$serverName; Database=$db", $uName, $pWord,

       //return connection object

       return $conn;
   catch (PDOException $e)
       // if connection fails
       die('Connection failed: ' . $e->getMessage());
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change myuniversity.edu/foo/bar to myuniversity.edu/server=foo&name=bar

then change

$serverName = 'foo\bar'; to

$serverName = $_GET['server']+$_GET['name'];

i seems in your code that folder directing would not give you a variable to be read by php...hope this would give you an idea

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