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I'm interested in learning to write CUDA programs. A few months ago, I found a great tutorial but I now can't find it. I do have some recollections of it however. Can you help me find it again?

I have the book CUDA By Example. In this book, one of the first programs presented is one that does vector addition across multiple cores. There's lots of CUDA C syntax that is thrown at the reader very quickly.

The tutorial I'm looking for also starts with vector addition. In fact, it's an almost identical program. But I recall that it started with a regular sequential program written in C, then bit by bit modified the program to run on one GPU compute unit, then multiple compute units. It was great to see how a C program can be transformed into CUDA C step by step.

I think I might have found it on the NVIDIA CUDA Developer website, but the site was recently revamped and some links to resources there no longer work. Or perhaps I found the tutorial in the sample pages for a book. I really don't remember where I found it and would be grateful if someone familiar with it could point me in the right direction.

I've looked through the list of resources on this SO question. Some links no longer work and those that do work don't point to the tutorial I remember reading.

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It's probably not what you are looking for, but moderngpu.com has some great material. And in general I would just recommend reading the CUDA C Programming Guide that comes with CUDA. It is much more readable than people apparently think, and has all information first-hand. –  tera Oct 3 '12 at 8:08
I would recommend this link.... developer.nvidia.com/cuda/get-started-cuda-cc –  Recker Oct 7 '12 at 3:38
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