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I have tabSheet with tabs.

 TabSheet tabsheet = new TabSheet();
 tabsheet.addTab(new Label("Contents of the first tab"),"Слои");
 tabsheet.addTab(table, "Tab");
 tabsheet.addTab(new Label("Contents of the third tab"),"Межевые планы");

Now i want to add another component to second tab for example a horisontalLayout

  HorizontalLayout lo = new HorizontalLayout();
  Button newContact = new Button();
  Button search = new Button();
  Button share = new Button();
  Button help = new Button();

But how to do this?

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Prepare a layout:

    VerticalLayout l1 = new VerticalLayout();
    l1.addComponent(new Label("I am a label."));
    ... add your other components here.

Then add it to your tabsheet:

    TabSheet t = new TabSheet();
    t.addTab(l1, "My Tab", icon1);
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First you should define layout of the whole tab, after that you can add to this layout another components. See example below:

VerticalLayout verticalLayout = new VerticalLayout();
tabsheet.addTab(verticalLayout, "Vertical Layout with inline components");
verticalLayout.addComponent(new Lable("Example"));
verticalLayout.addComponent(new Button("Button"));
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