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I'm wondering how do I know if a particular location[s] used to process request in nginx.


# 1
location / {}

# 2
location ~ /[\w\-]+\.html {}

# 3
location ~ /\w+\.html {}

How do I know if URI like /mysite is processed by 3rd location and not 2nd? I tend to use add_header for this matter:

location / {
    add_header location 1;

location ~ /(\w+\-)\.html {
    add_header location 2;    

location @named {
    add_header location named;

And I'd like to know is there a better solution or what do you personally use for debugging purposes?

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This only adds the header if your HTTP response code is 200, 204, 301, 302 or 304. So it won't help you track 404s : / – Air Feb 25 '14 at 21:36
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The add_header trick is how I would do it to.

I'm at work right now, so I can't test but you might possibly get something in the logfile i you set the error_log level to:

  • debug: you're nginx needs to be built using --with-debug for this to work, you can check that with the nginx -V command
  • notice: if debug logging isn't enabled
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A word of warning on this approach. I found it's a bad idea to use location as your debug header, since Location is a real header used by the HTTP response 301.

So if (like me) in your testing you end up with this:

HTTP/1.1 301 Moved Permanently
location: banana

Then your browser will freak out and report Duplicate headers received from server. So use locationdebug or something safe.

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