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PlayOrm.java is working fine with below arguments:

-k playormks -s localhost:9160 -t cassandra

but when I gave only

-t inmemory

it is giving following exceptions:

Exception in thread "main" java.lang.NullPointerException at com.alvazan.orm.impl.bindings.BootstrapImpl.createBestCassandraConfig(BootstrapImpl.java:73) at com.alvazan.orm.api.base.Bootstrap.createAndAddBestCassandraConfiguration(Bootstrap.java:77) at com.alvazan.ssql.cmdline.PlayOrm.main(PlayOrm.java:73)

Do I need to give something else as well with -t inmemory?

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okay, this is a bug(we will fix it). Work around is to supply the seeds and keyspace even though you don't need them ;).

thanks, Dean

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