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I am creating a delayed job in my controller using the delay method as below:

JobProcessor.delay(:run_at =>

Now inside the process_job method I am doing

chunks = options[:collection].each_splice(10).to_a
chunks.each do |chunk|
  self.delay(:run_at =>

This is giving me error stack level too deep when I send request to the URL

What might be the issue? Please help.

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What happens when you try to run the code without the call to delay? I imagine you probably get the same 'stack level too deep' error, which typically means you have an infinite loop somewhere in your code. It's difficult to give further specific insight without additional context. I'd open up the console and dive into the chunks assignment...(does it do what you expect it to do?) Also, teh problem could be happening with the chunk_job method. – Angelo Chrysoulakis Oct 3 '12 at 13:40
I made some changes and it worked for me. @AngeloChrysoulakis there wasn't an infinite loop present in the code, because it was working without the delay call. I wasn't able to figure out what the actual issue was, but its working for me now. – Rohit Oct 4 '12 at 9:17
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I was able to make it work for me by doing some changes.

  • I changed the outer method process_job to be an instance method
  • And kept the rest of the code as it is.

So now my code looks like

in the controller, and inside the JobProcessor class I have

class JobProcessor
  def process_job(options)
    chunks = options[:collection].each_splice(10).to_a
    chunks.each do |chunk|
      self.class.delay(:run_at =>
  handle_asynchronously :process_job, :run_at => { 2.seconds.from_now }

  def self.chunk_job(options)
    # perform chunk job here

This works for me.

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Thanks, had the same problem, your solution worked. – futureshocked Mar 29 '13 at 11:38

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