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I am getting some value from database. Now I want to show that value in dropdown list as selected value. Here is example, I have dropdown list with three option o1, 02, 03. From database I got the value o3, Now I want to show this as selected value. Thanks

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<select id="some_id">
    <option value="o1">Blabla</option>
    <option value="o2">Blabla</option>
    <option value="o3">Blabla</option>

Javascript: $("#some_id").val("o2");

The first part $("#some_id") just selects the element. You can select multiple elements. (For example, by class instead of id.) I recommend reading "jQuery selectors" here:

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Where data is both the value attribute (of the option element) and the data returned from the server.

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Try this

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Please Try this for make selected option in dropdown

$("#drop_down_id").val('your value');
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