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I've created a grunt file on a project I'm working on. We have a template and that is used across a range of products but it's all saved to our network. When I run grunt default on the template it completes it in seconds. When I move the template to one of the project folders running grunt default again (or grunt watch) will take ~20 minutes to complete.

These files are stored on the same drive with pathways a little something like this: (I've changed the names slightly):

  • /Volumes/Company/shared/Code Library/HTML/Template
  • /Volumes/Company/Project/assets/unit/development/source

Does anyone know why it would take so long for a grunt task to complete in one folder but not the other? If I copy it to the desktop it also completes a watch or default task in a matter of seconds.

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Upon further investigation into this all of our project folder names have a "code" on the end, e.g. (LO), (WS), (TG) and so on. That addition is causing the issues with Grunt. Can't change our folder name structure but I at least know why it's happening now. – Anton Oct 3 '12 at 23:21

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