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My businnes application produces a report. Report usually consists of:

  • a general header (left, right and center)
  • a few paragraphs describing parameters used
  • table header
  • table data
  • page footer
  • page header
  • report footer

There are at least 2 known requirements for the output format of the report:

  • excel table (xls(x) file) - it would ignore some sections, but definitely would include table header and table data
  • pdf

Now I would like my program to generate the report in a generic format. Then next module would produce the output in one of the known output formats, accepting extra optional parameters like font size and face. For today there are 2 output formats, but soon there could be more such to come, like html.

In what format should I generate the report?

I believe it will be a file or an equivalent memory structure. Together with a format I would expect a suggestion about tools and technologies to use. I will choose only an open source solution, but if you want to give other hints, it will be also valuable.

My programming environment is java, but if possible I would like to leave this choice open.

One of my ideas is to define something custom, mine, from scratch. I know how to do it, but first I would like to have a review of common ready-made solutions. That's where I ask for your help.

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After receiving the first answer I realized that I am looking for a report engine. A question Open Source Reporting Engines is quite relevant. I am not sure, but maybe my question is not exact duplicate, as it asks about the format. –  Jarekczek Oct 3 '12 at 9:52

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Have a look at jasperreports. It can generate plenty of formats. And you will get lots of community support.

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A very interesting marriage of open source community and commercial application. I skated through the guide and it looks really promising and professional. –  Jarekczek Oct 3 '12 at 9:36

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