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We're seeing quite a lot of Error H18 (Request Interrupted) in the logs. How should these be interpreted, since sock=client in all cases I assume that it is the client that is disconnecting. Should it therefore be safe to ignore these?

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I'm also seeing an elevated number of H18 Errors on Heroku since October 1, 2012 (according to a Loggly 'graph "error H18"'). They were almost non existent before then. See graph –  Eli Oct 5 '12 at 1:13

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This typically indicates either that the user's network was disconnected (e.g. this happens with some frequency for mobile users) or the end-user closed their browser or similar (e.g. pressed Stop, went to a different page, etc).

You can safely ignore those that are tagged as being client-end in nature with "sock=client", but might want to investigate those that are being closed by the Server end ("sock=server").

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What if you get a huge number of client errors, e.g. on a Meteor app? (I'm seeing way more than the number of people who would be organically closing tabs or losing cell signal.) Are there any other things that might cause this error that you know of? –  Zach Sep 13 at 5:25

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