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I am an experienced programmer but new to Android, hence using Eclipse for the first time. Unfortunately I cannot get my first project off the ground. I get as far trying to create the project when the following sequence happens. A screen arrives titled 'Install Dependencies' telling me that the required version is 8 and the installed version is 'Not installed' I click on the Install/Upgrade button and something must happen because Android SDK Manager pops up and I get a whole series of 'Fetching:' messages. The next screen asks me to Choose Package to Install and the only option is Android Support Library, revision 10. This doesn't bother me as I presume 10 is better than 8 so I hit the Install button. This is where it all goes wrong as I get a red message saying:- File not found:C:\Program Files (X86)\Android\android-sdk\temp\ (Acces is denied). Sure enough, when I check this folder, it is empty.

Now, something must have happened as as SDK Manager did a whole lot of fetching and must have put these files somewhere.

I am quite happy to find them and put them in the correct folder but the question is

What is the name of the files that I am looking for?

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Download the sdk manager seperately and install files from there. put it in a place which is accessible to you and then point your eclipse android directory to it. tools>options>android sdk

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Run eclipse as Administrator. This is the solution.

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Try running your application (Eclipse) in Admin Mode. Right click on the Eclipse app, and choose "Run as Administrator" This will fix your problem.

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I already mentioned that. – Dinesh Venkata Oct 3 '12 at 8:47
Doesn't work for me – kio21 Jul 17 '13 at 5:00

Run SDK Manager as administrator and then install Android Support Library from Extras

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this should be comment – Nimit Dudani Nov 9 '12 at 6:44

properties >java build path >click library tab > add jars > add jars from the support library.

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