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How can i fetch the whole entity and get a filtered set of data, as we do in SQLITE DB.

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Have a look at this for how to do it in python. What you usually do is define a class containing members that act as attributes.

class Song(db.Model):
    title = db.StringProperty()
    composer = db.StringProperty()
    date = db.DateTimeProperty()

is equivalent to having a table named Song having fields title,composer and date.

You can get all instances of Song when you do

q = Song.all() 
results = q.fetch(limit = 100) 

This will limit the number of results fetched to 100. Now the filtering is as follows:

q.filter('title =', 'Imagine')

will filter the entities having title Imagine. This way you can filter and order your results. Once you have filtered results you can access them in dictionary mode if you are using python.

for song in results:
    print song.title , song.date

You can also query the sql way using GqlQuery class. eg,

q = db.GqlQuery("Select * from Song")  

See this to see how we do it in java.

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This isn't what he's asking about. –  Nick Johnson Oct 4 '12 at 9:30

It sounds like you're asking for a projection query

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