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We have the gated check-in policy enabled in the project.

What always annoys me is the amount of user interaction which is required on every check-in, namely:

  1. "You need to build your changes for validation..." dialog box pops up.
  2. Build explorer window opens in IDE, I close it immediately.
  3. After build completes, "Gated Check-In Committed" dialog box pops up.
  4. A similar dialog box pops up again, now with the list of files to reconcile.

As I always choose the default action in each of the dialogs, I wonder if it is possible to automate somehow the whole procedure to make it transparent to me?

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If you upgrade to TFS 2012 / VS 2012 the second popup doesn't appear to happen, you just get a notification in your pending changes window that lets you click to see the build.

It also allows you to do batch gated checkins where X number of checkins are merged and go through 1 build.

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