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I am using the latest facebook sdk to integrate photo sharing in my iOS app. Currently working with iOS 5.0. I am able to login and share photos.

But for login, i have to use the FBLoginView. What I want to so is to call the methods from my own UIButton. Now, to find the UIButton associated with the FBLoginView i use How to customize FBLoginVIew?

I can also find all the selectors associated with the button using actions actionsForTarget:forControlEvent:

But for calling this method I need to know which object is the login message sent to? How can I find that?

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I solved this using sendActionsForControlEvents: I just sent this message to the UIButton for UIControlEventTouchUpInside and it called the corresponding method(s). (but it is not working as I wanted.)

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The FBLoginView button action could be tied to UIControlEventTouchDownInside. – Black Frog Oct 3 '12 at 12:21
no it is working with touchup inside. But the problem is with logout. It presents an action sheet, which opens up in portrait mode instead of landscape, and that too starting somewhere from the middle of the screen, such that logout button goes out of bounds. – neeraj Oct 3 '12 at 14:21

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