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I have a jsp web application. I am setting the value of a hidden input using the code


to fill it with the client's IP address. When my webapp is deployed on tomacat/windows its giving me correct IP. but when the webapp is deployed to tomcat/linux, its giving me wrong IP address something like 10.0.xx.xx

How to fix it?

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10.0.xx.xx is a local IP, so I can assume it's IP address of your network gateway (or proxy or something similar) which routes client request to your linux tomcat. I think you can't fix getRemoteAddr() because it works properly. –  Konstantin V. Salikhov Oct 3 '12 at 9:59
Why should 10.0.xx.xx be wrong? Maybe you mean which would be an IP6 problem -> stackoverflow.com/questions/1423347/… –  Oliver Stutz Oct 3 '12 at 10:24

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If your server is behind a proxy, you may be able to retrieve the original address using the X_FORWARDED_FOR header:

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If anybody, including yourself, has a proxy in front of this server, getRemoteAddr() will return the proxy's address, not the client's.

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