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I have the following in one of my EE templates:

<!-- Set up dynamic js array for notebook data -->
<script type="text/javascript">
notebooks = [{exp:channel:entries channel="product-notebooks" dynamic="no" backspace="1"}
{"entry_id": "{entry_id}",
"notebook_covertext": "{notebook-covertext}",
"notebook_image": "{notebook-image}"}

Basically I'd like {notebook-covertext} to escape or htmlentity-ize the content.. anyone know how I can achieve this?

Cheers, John.

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You could also try this hidden config variable

$config['protect_javascript'] = 'y';
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This plugin should do the trick.

"notebook_covertext": "{exp:mah_eencode}{notebook-covertext}{/exp:mah_eencode}",
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