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I am no Drools expert. I have some familiarity with it though, by experimenting with it. I am unable to appreciate, why would i need it.

My Typical Applications are Business Web Applications. Yes they do have some amount of Rules. But those are implemented using Database Tables, SQL Queries, and a nice UI in for the Business-Users to modify the Rules. Rules are not arbitrary, they are carefully thought-thru before being put in Production.

My Business Users would never ever use a (Drools)Scripting Language to modify Anything. Let Alone Modify Rules. They are perfectly happy using UI Screens to modify Rules. Plus they can make a zillion syntax mistakes in a Drools files, if i let them anywhere near it.

- Why should i use Drools in this scenario?
- There are Drools fanatics i have met who insist i should change all my code to make use of Drools.

So, is Drools useful? I am not sure.

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Fanatics of all stripes should be questioned, no matter what topic they rave about.

Data-driven decision tables are a perfectly good way to implement complex behavior. On the day it doesn't scale or perform to your requirements, perhaps you'll want to consider something else.

I wouldn't want to make a technology swap in working production code unless I had a compelling reason. It would take a lot more than fan boy lobbying.

If you're really interested, do a PoC and get some real data. If not, learn how to politely smile and ignore them.

I've answered about this before:

Rules Engine - pros and cons

UPDATE: If it's your boss, and you can't dismiss, then make it interface based and try a Drools implementation in a PoC. If you're using Spring, inject one and then the other, measuring performance under a meaningful production rated load. Get some real data - maybe you'll both learn something.

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How to smile at your boss? :) –  Jasper Oct 3 '12 at 9:36
Smiling is easy; it's the ignoring that's the tricky bit. –  duffymo Oct 3 '12 at 11:33
Duffymo I am interested to get started on Drools, would you kindly point me to some tutorial please. –  Oh Chin Boon Oct 3 '12 at 11:53
Wouldn't the Drools project page be the first place you should look for tutorials? –  duffymo Oct 3 '12 at 12:40
  • Drools is open source.
  • It provides forward and backward chaining of rules execution
  • It provides template base rule definitions
  • It is implemented using JSR-94
  • It has decision table facility
  • Its rules are human readable
  • It is integrated with Spring
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