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I have an model which holds keywords and description metadata, which are rendered on show action, within <head> tag. I want to test that <meta> tags are being rendered on the page with appropriate content.

I can do a controller test easely (checking the rendered content), but since the test implies inspections of rendered content I assume that a view test is actually what would be a more suitable here.

The problem is that I need to render the template for show action with layout rendering turned on, since <meta> tags are rendered within the later.

So the questions are:

  1. Am I right trying to do a view test here?

  2. If so, how do I turn layout rendering on when testing views?

I'm using the latest available rspec-rails gem.

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Just mine own opinion: that's overtesting. You can't specify each line of code, and you shouldn't. View specs looks like bad idea at all. You need to test behavior - not presence of element. –  Vadim Chumel Oct 3 '12 at 11:17

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