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Why its not working ??

    (u'Load & Script',u'Load & Script'),
descSpecSoft = models.CharField(choices=DESCSPECSOFT, default=99,blank = False,null = False)



SOry for forms instead of models my mistake

EDIT2: " The choices are strings, but the default is an integer. You didn't provide any information about what "not working" means."

Not working = in template its not requierd field

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What error are you getting? Is it perhaps because you're trying to access DESCSPECSOFT before you've defined it? – moopet Oct 3 '12 at 9:47
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_CharField = partial(models.CharField, max_length=255)

DESCSPECSOFT = model_utils.Choices(
    (u'load_script',u'Load & Script'),
descSpecSoft = _CharField(choices=DESCSPECSOFT, default=DESCSPECSOFT.load)

Note that the blank and null are removed because it is required by default

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I should add that from functools import partial and something else but what ? I cant finde it at google i have error name 'model_utils' is not defined – Silwest Oct 3 '12 at 11:13
Ok i should be from functools import partial from model_utils import Choices and then _CharField = partial(models.CharField, max_length=255) DESCSPECSOFT = Choices( (u'99','-'), (u'load',u'Load'), (u'script',u'Script'), (u'load_script',u'Load & Script'), ) descSpecSoft = _CharField(choices=DESCSPECSOFT, default=DESCSPECSOFT.load) Thanks for help – Silwest Oct 3 '12 at 13:16

Right, let's count the issues here.

  1. You've used forms.CharField, which doesn't exist.
  2. Even if it did exist, this is a model, so you should use model fields rather than form fields.
  3. You've used DESCSPECSOFT before defining it.
  4. The choices are strings, but the default is an integer.
  5. You didn't provide any information about what "not working" means.
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Try forms.ChoiceField() and Instead of default try initial='99'

and also form fields are required by default and they do not accept null or blank, try required=True or required=False

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