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I am Smit Patel and developing a android application for my final year project in college.

I have to android mobiles i want to use my one phone's camera without touching it only Bluetooth is on. now i use second phone with Bluetooth on and i want to handle my first phone's camera and showing that photo to my second one.

Any buddy has idea about this? please help me guys...

Thanks in Advance.

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I dont think you can remotely control another phones System app using just Bluetooth. These are all very sensitive things which if given access to cause Havoc in a smartphone. You first need to understand why security is of prime importance. A hacker would love it if he could do this. He could access sensitive data by just turning on his bluetooth! So kindly change your project to something a bit more secure.

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Thanks for guidance i will take care about that and create it more secured. – user1716635 Oct 3 '12 at 10:15