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CakePHP documentation says to avoid CSRF attacks it is necessary to include the Security component in the controller, and in addition, create the form using the FormHelper.

In my case, i need to create some form fields (such as a textarea) using JavaScript (jQuery) and therefor I can not use the FormHelper for them.

$('#body').html('<textarea name="data[post][body]" type="textarea" cols="30" rows="3">'+text+'</textarea>');

And of course, it doesn't pass the security and the form fails to be submitted.

Is there anyway I can create a secure Form creating some fields with JavaScript?


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Well, one option you have is to unlock these fields so they are ignored in the security check. In your view, write:

<?php $this->Form->unlockField('fieldname'); ?>

Another option would be to create the form fields you want to add dynamically with the Form helper in a hidden area of the form and only show them if needed.

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So in that case, is it the form protected even the system won't check this form? –  Alvaro Oct 4 '12 at 9:10
unlocked fields are not protected and could be tampered with. For the other solution: Yes –  tinytiger Oct 4 '12 at 12:26

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