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I am new in sync-ing data between the server and the client, so I want to ask for your advise on how would be better to achieve it. (Best Practices).

I created WPF app, which will be getting data (via WCF) from Web Server and stored them in local database. In future I will sending new or edited data to server.

When I start up my app, I need get new data that I don't have, but it's on the server. But getting all data every time is redundant, so I need to get only new data. Also some data maybe changed on server, so I need to get these data as well. And so on.

Questions: Could you please give me a guidance on how should I do that or any useful resource I can read and learn about it? Do I need to use some particular framework?

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Take a look at SyncFramework. Also, this section will be useful.

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