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I am trying to set up permission for our IT team. All our IT staffs are member of I.T group. With the database in question the IT staffs groups are member of db_reader, db_reader and can execute all SP/Fun. one particular user I want to give the permission to modify the objects.


added him to db_ddlAmin role

EXEC sp_addrolemember N'db_ddladmin', N'S\Al'

all the objects in our db belongs to DBO schema..so i have give alter permission on dbo schema to the user


But when this user tries to modify an sp or drop a table he gets

Cannot alter the procedure 'XX', because it does not exist or you do not have permission. Cannot drop table 'XX', because it does not exist or you do not have permission.

This user can create a new table, but if he tries to drop the newly created table he get the permission error..

This user is member of 4 other group where the group is a member of either db_owner or db_ddladmin role,

What am I doing wrong, how can i resolve this..



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Do any of the groups that they're a member of have any explicit DENYs? DENY always trumps GRANT. –  Damien_The_Unbeliever Oct 3 '12 at 10:50

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Members of the db_ddladmin role should be able to modify stored procedures.

Make sure you've added the user to the role in the correct database:

use YourDatabase;
EXEC sp_addrolemember N'db_ddladmin', N'S\Al'

Without an explicit use, you might have made him a member of the master database's db_dlladmin role!

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