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Basically I have been trying to forge an understanding of matrix maths over the last few weeks and after reading (and re-reading) many maths heavy articles and documentation I think I have an adequate understanding, but I just wanted to make sure!

The definitions i have ended up with are:

	-A determinant of a sub matrix
	-The sub matrix used to calculate a minor can be obtained by removing more then one row/column from the original matrix
	-First minors are minors of a sub matrix where only the row and column of a single element have been removed

	-The (signed) minor of a single element from a matrix
	 ie. the minor of element 2,3 is the determinant of the submatrix, of the matrix, defined by removing row 2 and column 3

	-1. Choose any single row or column from a Matrix.
	 2. For each element in the row/column, multiply the value of the element against the First Minor of that element.
	 3. This result is then multiplied by (-1 raised to the power of the elements row index + its column index) which will give the result of step 2 a sign.
	 4. You then simply sum all these results to get the determinant (a real number) for the Matrix.

Please let me know of any holes in my understanding?

Sources /Cofactor_(linear_algebra) & /Minor_(linear_algebra) & /Determinant (the most helpful)
Geometric tools for computer graphics (this may have missing pages, i have the full copy)

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Sounds like you understand determinants -- now go forth and write code! Try writing a solver for simultaneous linear equations in 3 or more variables, using Cramer's Rule.

Since you tagged this question 3dgraphics, matrix and vector multiplication might be a good area to explore next. They come up everywhere in 3d graphics programming.

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