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Similar to $title$, $author$, and $date$, is there an $abstract$ parameter that one can pass to a latex file from the title block? Example:

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LaTeX related questions are better posted at TeX.SE. Also, in LaTeX, the $ is used to enter/exit inline math, so if you want to define the text of the abstract somewhere else, it would be in the form of a macro: \MyAbstract instaed of $abstract$. Its definition would be something line \newcommand{\MyAbstract}{This is the text of my abstract}. –  Peter Grill Oct 4 '12 at 0:42
It's partly a latex question, mostly a pandoc question. Pandoc converts between various formats. Plus there are more pandoc questions here than there (the creator of pandoc replies frequently). I also asked at tex as well. –  mt3 Oct 5 '12 at 10:37

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Yes this works fine (but no you don't need the $ unless your abstract is for some reason in-line math)

    This paper proposes a new method of blah blah blah

Presumably with certain LaTeX templates it wouldn't work, but pandoc is smart enough to let most TeX markup through unhindered.

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