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I have a code for Fullcalender. I used Adam shaw's Full calender plugin. In that i just wanted to add some description for each events. But when i use qtip. It give me description but its only on Hover.

My code is

 $(document).ready(function() {
  var date = new Date();
        var d = date.getDate();
        var m = date.getMonth();
       var y = date.getFullYear();
            header: {
                left: 'month, basicWeek, basicDay',
                center: 'title',
                right: 'today,prev, next',
            //events: "Calendar.asmx/EventList",
            //defaultView: 'dayView',
            events: [
                title: 'DIWALI',
                start: new Date(2012,09,2),
                description: 'Today\'s Diwali',
                id: 1
                title: 'Long Event',
                start: new Date(y, m, d - 5),
                end: new Date(y, m, 1),
                description: 'long description3',
                id: 2
            eventRender: function(event, element) {
                    content: event.description + '<br />' + event.start,
                    style: {
                        background: 'black',
                        color: '#FFFFFF'
                    position: {
                        corner: {
                            target: 'center',
                            tooltip: 'bottomMiddle'

I just want to have description on display page. Can anyone help on this?

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Question is not clear..Do you want to show the description on the calender with blue background or when the users clicks on that event you want to show them description. – Sachin Prasad Oct 23 '12 at 21:44

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This Answer will help you to get the solution for your question.

Refer the answers below this.

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i referred this already but i dont got any clear ideas – Vivek Dragon Oct 27 '12 at 6:09

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