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I am writing an application to edit SSIS-packages. In my application all tasks are shown in a DataGridView where the user can change name, description, connection, etc.

When I am iterating through all executables inside a package it seems that the iteration works alphabetically. I expected the iteration to use the order that the tasks are arranged in the package. Is there a way to find out in which order the tasks are executed via C#? It would be easier to understand the flow of the package if the tasks in the DataGridView where ordered by when they are executed.

Is there a property that I am missing or something else?

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Are you reflecting the packages, if so then the members will be in alphabetical order. – Mr. Mr. Oct 3 '12 at 11:08
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On the executables, you will need to examine the PrecedenceConstraints collection. If you know you never use expressions and your PrecedenceConstraint always Success then you can skip looking at most of the properties, otherwise you'll get to factor in EvalOp, Expression and Value.

This demo might give you better insight on how to enumerate through and pick out the pieces.

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Unfortunately I do need to look at the other properties but now I at least know where to look. Thanks a lot. :-) – boert03 Oct 3 '12 at 14:37

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