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I am a beginner learning NodeJS. I am sure that the scripting language has its own data types, variables, control structures, iterations structures etc. But I am not able to find any documentation regarding the same?

Please provide some references of the same.


JS has functionality till now to run in browsers and there are specific functionality that could be achieved.

How can I write a standalone program that would make a user to input a date in mm/dd/yyyy format using NodeJS? Like in browser side we use to say -

val = window.prompt('Enter a Date in MM/DD/YYYY format!','');

Is there a way I can write the same code in NodeJS without running it in a browser? Also then all JS browser side functionality cannot be used in NodeJS - please clarify.

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Are you searching for JavaScript stuff? –  Aurelio De Rosa Oct 3 '12 at 11:04

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You write Node.js servers using JavaScript. So you need to look up the JavaScript documentation.

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It's all JavaScript, but what you really need is Node's API documentation.


As for getting started, looking at some example code is always a good move.

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