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i am creating a website for a local business and one thing they want me to add is a map and directions.

what is the latest and greatest features out there that i can include to make this slick / interactive, etc in terms of the above embedded in my own site (whether it be google maps, yahoo maps, map quest, etc)

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Google Maps v3 API is awesome but it's only in Google Labs at this point... I'm not sure it will work for you. I've worked with the big 3 (Google, Yahoo, and Microsoft VE) and my preference is towards Google maps. The API generally makes more sense to me and the geocoder has been more accurate that the others.

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One suggestion I have is to have a local copy of the map of the business. That way, you aren't totally reliant on Google Maps etc. in case it goes down.

Not very likely to happen I know, but sometimes it does happen.

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