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Im working through the following tutorial Mercurial Turotial and im stuck with the following:

Now I’m going to use the hg push command, which will push my changes from my repository into the central repository:

C:\Users\joel\recipes> hg push pushing to http://joel.example.com:8000/ searching for changes ssl required Oh great. It figures that wouldn’t work. I neglected to think about the security implications of just running a random web server and allowing anybody in the world to push their stupid changes into it. Bear with me for a moment; I’m going to configure that server to allow anybody in the world to do anything they want to it. This can be done by editing the file .hg\hgrc on the server:

.hg\hgrc [web] push_ssl=False allow_push=*

Needless to say, this is rather unsafe, but if you’re on a nice protected LAN at work and there’s a good firewall and you trust everybody on your LAN, this is reasonably OK. Otherwise, you’ll want to read the advanced chapters on security.

which file is he accessing?

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Mercurial doesn't create configuration files automatically.
If you need the file and it doesn't exist, just create it yourself and put the settings from the tutorial inside.

Quote from Configuration files for Mercurial:


Mercurial reads configuration data from several files, if they exist. These files do not exist by default and you will have to create the appropriate configuration files yourself

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ill have a look into it, thanks. –  Hans Rudel Oct 3 '12 at 14:57

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