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In Zend Framework whats a better method to restrict user from accessing post login pages
if the user is not logged in.Without Zend I would have write a code to check if the
userid is set in session or not and put that code in common file(being used on all post
login pages).

In Zend Framework I can check that using hasIdentity method of zend_auth but I don't
want to check that inside all actions.The another method I am thinking is to create a
plugin and hook it to routeshutdown event,then after fetching controller and action
name from request object I can decide whether to redirect user or not.

Please suggest some good method to implement it in zend framework

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You would normally write a Controller Plugin and add it to the front controller. This way you can intercept the dispatch and route process where you want and issue a redirect to an appropriate page.

class Your_Controller_Plugin_Authcheck extends Zend_Controller_Plugin_Abstract

In the Bootstrap class:

protected function _initFrontControllerPlugins()
    $this->bootstrap(array('AuthcheckPlugin', 'FrontController'));

    $front = $this->getResource('FrontController');

protected function _initAuthcheckPlugin()
    $plugin = new Your_Controller_Plugin_Authcheck();

    return $plugin;

BTW: This is Zend Framework 1 - might work the same in 2, but I believe you might change things a bit there if you already use it.

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