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Is it possible to use java to write into a webcam stream? I've tried JMF and got it to capture the image but couldn't find a possibility to write into the stream.

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Write into a webcam stream? I have hard time in imaging where the stream should finally end up. Does the webcam have a builtin monitor or so, so that one can see movies on it? –  BalusC May 18 '10 at 19:02
It's not that. I would see it as a global change of the webcam image so that applications which use the image get a preprocessed version of it. –  Alexander Stolz May 20 '10 at 9:36

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I've never heard about the possibility of writing webcam stream in Java.

As I know, there are few technologies which can do this work:

1) Based on Adobe technologies: webcam -> Adobe FME -> Adobe FMS -> Flash / Flex app 2) OpenSource variant: webcam -> Flash app -> Red 5 Server -> Flash (Client) 3) microsoft also has technologies to work with webcam

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try this


you need maven and subversion to use this library. pretty handy in image processing and stream controlling

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