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I'm new to Python web frameworks and chose as a starting point.

I followed the tutorial on the site and found how urls, POST, and GET work but I'm confused about how to use templates and template engines.

I have a custom html form and want to use it in my application. Should I use a "template engine" or should I use the built-in form library?

Could any one give me an example of how custom form values can be posted to a app? (Using forms without the built-in library.)

Thanks in advance.

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You can use form library to render only parts of the form in your templates, see

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Andrey Kuzmin's answer is not compatible for "custom forms". Tutorial that he linked is for generated forms via You can get the form variables of your custom form

    def POST(self):
        user_data = web.input()
        return user_data.YOUR_CUSTOM_HTML_FORM_VAR
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