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I'm using Jamaa SMPP Client

Does anyone have a working example on sending SMS?

Here is my code :

var textMessage = new TextMessage() { DestinationAddress = "XXXXXXXXX", SourceAddress = "XXXXXXXXX", Text = "test" };
var client = new SmppClient();
client.Properties.SystemID = "xxxx";
client.Properties.Password = "YYYY";
client.Properties.Port = ZZZZ;
client.Properties.Host = "";
client.Properties.DefaultEncoding = DataCoding.SMSCDefault;
client.Properties.AddressNpi = NumberingPlanIndicator.Unknown;
client.Properties.AddressTon = TypeOfNumber.Unknown;


But my provider is saying that I'm lacking the bind info (Bind_transceiver, Bind_transmitter, Bind_receiver)

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did you every resolve your issue? –  David Robbins Apr 30 '13 at 18:37
yes, i had to go a little lower on the wire.. I used SessionBindInfo, SmppClientSession and SubmitSm –  Costa Jun 17 '13 at 17:47

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