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Is there a way I can encode a password using sha1 and then base64 the output in InnoSetUp?

I see InnoSetup already has GetSHA1OfString(), but this is not base64 encoded but is a hexadecimal encoding.

I found someone posted a function here http://www.vincenzo.net/isxkb/index.php?title=Encode/Decode_Base64

But this just takes an ANSI string as input, so I cant pass the output of GetSHA1OfString() to this.

I want to do base64 encoding of input say admin using sha1, so output should be 0DPiKuNIrrVmD8IUCuw1hQxNqZc=

Any help is appreciated, thanks in advance !!

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Also asked on the Inno newsgroups –  Deanna Oct 3 '12 at 12:34

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Got an answer from "ATH" on InnoSetup newgroup. Thanks "ATH".

Look here for the answer.



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